Spectacular Day for Drac Von Stoller on iTunes

Drac Von Stoller had a spectacular day on February 18, 2014 on iTunes in Canada in the Top Free Ghost stories category.
First thing that happened his Number 1 story in the US running 5 months solid went Number 1 in Canada then it gets even better remember things all happened at the same time on the same day. Next thing that happened not 1 story but 25 of Drac Von Stoller’s were in the top 38 plus a Number 1 then scrolling down the Top iTunes chart of App Annie red arrow after red arrow pointing down on over 30 stories from various authors. Of course I was overtaken by the moment and took a screenshot to save in Drac Von Stoller’s accomplishments list. Don’t think that has ever happened to any author that’s why I saved it for proof.

Drac Von Stoller

Drac Von Stoller Interview with “The Maggie Linton Show” on Sirius XM Radio Channel 110 Tuesday October 1, 2013.

Drac Von Stoller

Drac Von Stoller’s Short Stories have been downloaded over 89,000 times and are now in “60” Countries around the World and his Google Books Page is on fire with 2,549 visits in 9 days of September 2013.

Google Books Page Visits

Drac Von Stoller has shattered another record of visits to his Google Books Page. In one day he has had 323 visits and in just the first 5 days of September 1,345 visits. Also, has had 6 of his Short Stories in iTunes Top 20 Free Horror ebooks.

Drac Von Stoller’s “The Haunted Mirror” has been Number “1”  17 times on iTunes Top 20 Free Horror ebooks.

Drac Von Stoller’s Short Stories will be featured by Adrianna Joleigh of Horror Writers Community on Google + during the month of September and October 2013.



Ashes to Ashes (by Drac Von Stoller)

Drac Von Stoller-Sample Audio Book  from”31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead” Series with over 85,000 downloads of his Short Stories through Smashwords, Google Books, iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and 1,223 Audio Books sold on Amazon,iTunes and Audible. Drac Von Stoller’s Google Books and Play are exploding with downloads and has had 318 visits in 1 day and a total of 3,919 visits in just 3 weeks in the month of August 2013. Drac Von Stoller’s Short Stories “The Haunted Mirror” has been Number “1” 15 times and “Don’t Go In The Woods” has been Number “1” once on iTunes Top 20 Free ebooks. Drac has an average of over 7,000 downloads per month of his Short Stories and will be featured very soon in a “New” App called “Fameus” on iTunes and will be looking forward to an interview with XM Radio in October 2013.

Google Books

Drac Von Stoller has set another record for the 2nd time on his Google Books page with 215 visits and overall in just 3 weeks and 3 days as of August 24, 2013 total visits 2,711.

Drac Von Stoller’s “The Haunted Mirror” is Number “1” for the 15th time on iTunes Top 20 Free Horror ebooks.